Services & Capabilities

We offer a wide variety of Services and Solutions for all your Aviation repair and maintenance needs. If your not sure if we can help give us a call and we will be more than happy to review your project needs.



Transport Canada rated to weld in all ten aviation alloy groups, certified in accordance with AWS-D17. We have highly skilled full time welders ready to take on anything aviation related.



 We offer wide variety of machining solutions including;

-Jig Boring






We have a wide variety of grinding equipment at our disposal including;

-Jig Grinding

-Surface Grinding

-Cylindrical Grinding up to 8' Length x 5' Diameter 


Electro Plating

We plate with an environmentally friendly method utilizing conforming anodes and robbers to ensure uniform build up. For more information on our processes click the learn more button below.

-Hard Chrome & engineered chrome

-Nickel Plating

-Silver Plating

-Cad Plating with 3 conversion coatings 

-Portable brush plating




Non Destructive testing.

We have 3 highly experienced MPI and LPI Technicians and perform all testing in house as well as offer the option for mobile LPI testing

-Magnetic Particle Inspection

-Liquid Penetrant Inspection

-Nital Etch


Shot Peening

In accordance with OEM and AMS specifications


Heat Treating

Heat Treating utilizing Atmospheric and Salt Kilms to the required AMS specification


Media Blasting

-aluminum oxide

-glass bead

-Plastic Media

-Glass Grit



We have in house painting capabilities meaning less down time for you


Vacuum Bagging

Coming Soon!


Repair Development

We work closely with the required engineers and DAR / DER's to develop approved repairs.